Our History

Since 1948, the Rydeski family has been making quality products from peanuts to pork rinds. Dedicated to producing the freshest product, at the best price while maintaining superior customer relations, has always been our goal.

Roman Rydeski brought the two year old company back to life after purchasing it from Bob Kemp. The company was moved from Oshkosh, WI. to a location on 53rd street in West Allis, WI. where production of pickled pork hocks and pigs feet began with Roman as the sole employee. In true family business fashion, Roman's wife Clara, their oldest son Jerry and Clara's sister helped out whenever necessary.

Competing with huge multi-national firms was the last thing Roman had on his mind when he purchased the company.

Raised on a farm in Michigan, Roman was an entrepreneur from the onset. After receiving a business degree in 1930 from Marquette University in Milwaukee and a teaching degree from Illinois Normal, Roman moved back to Michigan to pursue his teaching career. Several years later Roman and his new wife Clara moved to Milwaukee where Roman held several jobs for the government.

It was during this golden era the introduction of "Porkies" evolved.

During the early 1950's, Roman began the manufacturing of pork rinds or "PORKIES", as they are known today. Pork rinds are hog underbellies cut into strips the size of a postage stamp. They fluff up by cooking in 395-degree oil for 55 seconds. Originally, a horse trough was used to simmer the diced pellets overnight. The next day the pellets would be removed from the trough, allowed to drain, then submersed into a deep potbelly fryer where they would take on their light airy appearance. This technique allowed for only a handful of pellets to be cooked at a time. Seasoning and packaging was all done by hand and amounted to 1200 packages a day!

On the advice of a friend, Roman in 1953, moved the Porkie Company into a new location on Juneau Avenue in downtown Milwaukee. The move proved to be a valuable lesson for Roman where he gained knowledge and experience from Robert Ohir who owned and operated R.L. Ohir's food products, the building that Roman moved into. While working with Mr. Ohir Roman learned the secrets of pickling sausage, herring olives and other fine delicacies. As the business began to grow, Roman's son Gerald convinced his father that a new location (building) was needed for future growth and transportation accessibility.

The current site in Cudahy, Wisconsin was chosen and Roman purchased the building in 1958.